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Debunking travel health myths

A wealth of travel health information can be found online – but some travel health myths are hard to shake off. Here we look at some you might have heard.

May 10th 2019

Yellow Fever: Risk Awareness

Read about travellers’ risk of catching yellow fever and learn how to help protect yourself against it.

April 9th 2019

Food and Water Safety When Travelling

Travellers can be exposed to many kinds of bugs through the food and drink that they consume. Read our quick guide on food and water safety before you travel.

March 26th 2019

Why Travel Health Advice Matters

Learn why it’s important to seek health advice before you travel, what advice is available and where you can get it.

February 27th 2019

Insect and Tick Bite Avoidance

Protection from insect and tick bites not only makes your trip more enjoyable, but can also help prevent the spread of disease. Read our quick guide on insect bite avoidance for more information.

February 13th 2019

Travel Checklist - what should you think about before travelling?

Use our handy downloadable checklist to help you prepare for your next trip. From the travel documents to health tips, we’ll help you remember what you need to consider before you travel.

December 14th 2018

The 12 tips of Christmas travel

Are you travelling to see family this Christmas, or heading off for a winter break? Read our 12 quick tips to help towards stress-free travelling this Christmas.

December 14th 2018


Be Rabies Aware

In light of World Rabies Day on September 28th 2018, Smarter Traveller UK has published an article summarising your need-to-know facts on rabies and rabies prevention.

September 24th 2018